Artist's body.
 Artist Phan Thanh Liem was born in a family of traditional thickness to date is the seventh in Rach village, Nam Chan commune, Nam Truc, Nam Dinh. Grandfather and father Phan Van Nghai contributed a lot to Vietnamese water puppetry.
 The artist was the first to research the miniature water puppet theater, has performed in many local and international venues and has been reported by television stations many times over the big stage inaccessible, In addition, the artist also studied more modern games such as racing motorcycles talking about the culture of transport and artists also cherished many topics.
The contents are as follows:
 1 / First welcome guests, invited guests to the living room will introduce the history of traditional water puppetry Vietnam and introduce the pro-family artist next to see the miniature water puppetry materials on the trip Domestic and international tours, documents related to miniature water puppets - time of 20 minutes.
 2) Then invite guests upstairs to see the performance by the artist Phan Thanh Liem performing in 30 minutes on the traditional and modern performances.
 3) After viewing the song, if the guest needs to familiarize with the puppet, the artist will guide guests how to control the puppet - 20 minutes.
 4 / Then invite guests to the puppet workshop on the third floor and introduce to the puppet technique and paint materials if the customer needs to puppet with the artist - time 20 minutes.
 5 / If you want to order traditional food and go shopping with your family, NS family will serve.
 Daily Schedule of the Week:
 - From 8h30 to 12h
 - The afternoon from 14h to 20h is the last performance of the day
 (Get performances of all days of thought, holidays and New Year's Day if the agency needs us to come to the venue.)
 Artist Phan Thanh Liem
 Main Address: 338 Xa Dan Street
 Address: No. 1, Lane 260, Alley 17/18, Kham Thien Street - Hanoi
 Phone: 04.35727145
 Mobile: 0913323024

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